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@nicolo-ribaudo nicolo-ribaudo released this
· 464 commits to master since this release
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v7.7.4 (2019-11-23)

Thanks @chrishinrichs, @khoumani, @m-ahmadi, @BBlackwo, @SakibulMowla, @4geru, @Shriram-Balaji, @ZYSzys and @arku for their first PRs!

馃悰 Bug Fix

  • babel-runtime-corejs2, babel-runtime-corejs3, babel-runtime
  • babel-preset-env
  • babel-parser
  • babel-preset-env-standalone
    • #10732 fix: add missing available plugins to babel-preset-env-standalone. (@JLHwung)
  • babel-plugin-transform-function-name, babel-plugin-transform-modules-umd, babel-preset-env
    • #10701 Circumvent typeof transform for umd build template. (@JLHwung)
  • babel-cli
    • #10698 Babel should not silently remove unknown options after commander arguments. (@JLHwung)
  • babel-plugin-proposal-optional-chaining
  • babel-parser, babel-types
  • babel-traverse
  • babel-helpers, babel-plugin-proposal-object-rest-spread, babel-preset-env

馃拝 Polish

  • babel-plugin-proposal-nullish-coalescing-operator
    • #10720 polish: skip creating extra reference for safely re-used node. (@JLHwung)

馃彔 Internal

Committers: 15