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NOTE: eslint-plugin-babel is now @babel/eslint-plugin and has moved into the Babel monorepo.

An eslint plugin companion to babel-eslint. babel-eslint does a great job at adapting eslint for use with Babel, but it can't change the built in rules to support experimental features. eslint-plugin-babel re-implements problematic rules so they do not give false positives or negatives.

Requires Node 4 or greater


npm install eslint-plugin-babel --save-dev

Load the plugin in your .eslintrc file:

  "plugins": [

Finally enable all the rules you would like to use (remember to disable the original ones as well!).

  "rules": {
    "babel/new-cap": 1,
    "babel/camelcase": 1,
    "babel/no-invalid-this": 1,
    "babel/object-curly-spacing": 1,
    "babel/quotes": 1,
    "babel/semi": 1,
    "babel/no-unused-expressions": 1,
    "babel/valid-typeof": 1


Each rule corresponds to a core eslint rule, and has the same options.

🛠: means it's autofixable with --fix.

  • babel/new-cap: Ignores capitalized decorators (@Decorator)
  • babel/camelcase: doesn't complain about optional chaining (var foo = bar?.a_b;)
  • babel/no-invalid-this: doesn't fail when inside class properties (class A { a = this.b; })
  • babel/object-curly-spacing: doesn't complain about export x from "mod"; or export * as x from "mod"; (🛠)
  • babel/quotes: doesn't complain about JSX fragment shorthand syntax (<>foo</>;)
  • babel/semi: doesn't fail when using for await (let something of {}). Includes class properties (🛠)
  • babel/no-unused-expressions: doesn't fail when using do expressions or optional chaining (a?.b()).
  • babel/valid-typeof: doesn't complain when used with BigInt (typeof BigInt(9007199254740991) === 'bigint').


Rule Notes
babel/generator-star-spacing Use generator-star-spacing since eslint@3.6.0
babel/object-shorthand Use object-shorthand since eslint@0.20.0
babel/arrow-parens Use arrow-parens since eslint@3.10.0
babel/func-params-comma-dangle Use comma-dangle since eslint@3.8.0
babel/array-bracket-spacing Use array-bracket-spacing since eslint@3.9.0
babel/flow-object-type Use flowtype/object-type-delimiter since eslint-plugin-flowtype@2.23.0
babel/no-await-in-loop Use no-await-in-loop since eslint@3.12.0