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Registry for babelmark
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Registry for babelmark

This repository contains the registry for babelmark

NOTE: If you want to register an encrypted URL, send me an email at /alexandre_mutel at live dot com/ and I will return you an encrypted URL that you can send via a PR. If your service is enough secure (limiting < 1000 characters) and throttling, you can send plain url in the PR if you want.

An entry in the registry is composed like this:

  • The name of the processor (can contain a version or additional infos)
  • url: The url (encrypted or not, see the NOTE below) that will return the translation from markdown to html of the appended query text=INSERT_MARKDOWN_HERE. See below the format of the return of the query.
  • lang: The language used to build the processor
  • repo: A link to a repository or home page of the project


"Name": "markdig",
"Url": "Xur5K1qwlgGyuSQSMsrcbfP7cdhSE9GrOZn+kDJqHuVJn44sZHZpFI7KMVQWyFzN3GVy0hqJTx5VKnLtSGYDdu95sk71j0WXxDBJU9kamXg=",
"Lang": "C#",
"Repo": ""

The query url must respond to a http get request to translate a markdown fragment to html. The query URL must be :

  • a plain path (with a trailing ? or not)
  • or already composed with parameters like In that case, a trailing & is required. This is useful if you want for example to share multiple version of your services through the same base url but using different parameters/versions.

The query must return a json that contains the result of the conversion:





Alexandre MUTEL aka xoofx

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