Upload your data

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This is the first step of every analysis pipeline. You should use this form to upload any datafile you want to analyze using Babelomics.

Follow the following steps to upload your data file to Babelomics.

1- Either select the Upload button in the upper bar of the Babelomics web or the Select your data option of each Babelomics tool. Your workspace folder will appear.

2- Select the folder in which you want to upload your data by navigating through your folders.

3- Select the Upload button in the upper part of the folder you have selected. A window will appear.

4- Indicate the type of the data you are about to upload by selecting the appropriate button in the Select button window. For more information in data types, see here.

5- Click in the Choose file button and select the data file from your computer by navigation through your local files.

6- Select the Upload button and your data will be upload.