Potluck with different functions for different purposes that can be shared among C programs
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Potluck with different functions for different purposes that can be shared among C programs.

Build Status


Distribution packages

Packaging status

Orcania is available in multiple distributions as official package. Check out your distribution documentation to install the package automatically.

Pre-compiled packages

You can install Orcania with a pre-compiled package available in the release pages. jansson development files packages is required to install Orcania.

Build from source

Download Orcania source code from Github:

$ git clone https://github.com/babelouest/orcania.git
$ cd orcania


You should need Jansson library in order to install Orcania.

On a Debian based distribution, simply run the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install libjansson-dev

If you know you don't need Jansson, refer to the install procedure (Makefile or CMake) on how to disable building Orcania without Jansson.

CMake - Multi architecture

CMake minimum 3.5 is required.

Run the cmake script in a subdirectory, example:

$ git clone https://github.com/babelouest/orcania.git
$ cd orcania/
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make && sudo make install

The available options for cmake are:

  • -DBUILD_STATIC=[on|off] (default off): Build the static archive in addition to the shared library
  • -DWITH_JANSSON=[on|off] (default on): Build with Jansson dependency
  • -DBUILD_ORCANIA_TESTING=[on|off] (default off): Build unit tests
  • -DINSTALL_HEADER=[on|off] (default on): Install header file orcania.h
  • -DBUILD_RPM=[on|off] (default off): Build RPM package when running make package
  • -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=[Debug|Release] (default Release): Compile with debugging symbols or not

Good ol' Makefile - Linux only

Go to src/ directory, compile and install:

$ cd src
$ make && sudo make install

This will install Orcania's files under /usr/local/ DESTDIR.

If you don't want/need libjansson specific functions, you can skip it with the build option JANSSONFLAG=-DU_DISABLE_JANSSON

$ cd src

To build and install as a static archive, use the make commands make static*:

$ cd src
$ make static && sudo make static-install # or make DESTDIR=/tmp static-install if you want to install in `/tmp/lib`