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Komodo SASS/SCSS Compiler

SASS/SCSS compiler for Komodo Edit/Ide.
This addon gives you the ability to compile SASS/SCSS files and gives a improved auto-completion of Less variables (also includes imports).


If you install this addon. default the compiler is enabled.
When you edit a SASS/SCSS file the file will be compiled to a CSS file.

If you have imports in you're sass/scss-file or you want to run multiple output-files.
You need to use a file scope this enables you to set up project based file scopes, that will trigger output-files based on output-files and include-folders.
If you want to compile a file on the fly that has includes, you can also set up a single file watcher.
This will trigger the selected output-file regardless of the scss/scss-file you're working on.

Trough the Tools-menu and file context-menu are Sass menu's added, that allows you to trigger file based commands and a few commands concerning file-watchers, file-scopes and auto-completion commands/settings. Also is a status-bar added to the breadcrumb-bar that also has a context-menu that allows you to control various commands/settings.

Sass Status-bar

When editing SASS/SCSS files, a Sass status bar will be shown.
The status bar well tell you, if the compiler is enabled/disabled, if a file watcher or file scope is active and it will show errors if present.


Trough the status-bar you can easily configure the settings.

Status-bar options

  • Disable/Enable Compiler
    This will enable/disable the compiler.
  • Disable/Enable File Watcher
    This will enable/disable a file watcher for the current file, when you edit sass/scss file's only the "Watched file" will be compiled.
  • Disable/Enable File Scopes
    This will enable the "file scopes" mode, that will trigger file scopes based on projects.
  • File Scopes
    This will open a window where you can set file scopes, so you can work with multiple output files in one project or work with multiple projects.
  • Settings
    This will open the Sass-settings window.


This addon will provide you with a SASS/SCSS variables auto-completion.
The vars will be search automatically( on file open and after you pressed $ on save ).

You can also trigger the search trough the menu.
When you type $ a auto completion box will be shown.


Menu options

Tools > SASS > ...

  • Compile Saved File into CSS
    Takes a .sass or .scss file and creates a .css file with the same name in the same spot as the .sass or .scss file.
  • Compile Current Buffer (including imports)
    into CSS. Takes the contents of the current buffer and turns it into CSS.
  • Compile Selection into CSS (including imports)
    Takes the current selection and turns it into CSS
  • Compile and Compress Saved File into CSS
    Takes a .sass or .scss file and creates a .css file with the same name in the same spot as the .sass or .scss file. The .sass or .scss file will be compressed/minified.
  • Compile and Compress Current Buffer (including imports)
    into CSS. Takes the contents of the current buffer and turns it into compressed CSS.
  • Compile and Compress Selection into CSS (including imports)
    takes the current selection and turns it into compressed CSS.
  • Collect @vars
    collect all the SASS $vars for auto completion.
  • File Watcher
  • Enable File Watcher for current file
    Enables a file watcher for current SASS file
  • disable File Watcher
    Disables the file watcher
  • File Scopes
  • Enable File Scopes
    Enables the "file-scopes" mode.
  • Disable File Scopes
    Disables the "file-scopes" mode
  • Sass Settings
    This will open the settings window.

File Scopes

File-scopes allow you to work with output-files and include-folders, these file scopes are set on a project level.
When you edit a file in the include-folder(s) the selected output-files(s) are triggered.
To create a new file-scope you will have to use the menu in the status-bar status-bar > File Scopes. This will open the File scopes window, in this window you can edit, create or delete file scopes:


If you click the "Create new file scope" menu item, the following popup will shown:


In this window you can create you're project based file scopes, you can have multiple file scopes in one project.
You can set up file scopes with the following structures:

 Include folder/
    ├─ Sass file
    ├─ Sass file
    ├─ Include folder/
    ├── Sass file
    └── Sass file   
─ Sass output-file


 Include folder/
    ├─ Sass file
    ├─ Sass output-file
    ├─ Include folder/
    ├── Sass file
    └── Sass file

You can select multiple output-files, but is not recommended to use more that two output-files for performance reasons.

File Watcher

If you want to edit a SASS/SCSS-files that has includes, on the fly.
You can set up a File watcher, when you enable the file Watcher the current file will be added as output-file.
When you now edit Less files only the output-file will be triggered.