convert 64bit steamid to text STEAM_x:y:z format and vice versa
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SteamID Converter

A module for node that converts a 64bit SteamID to a text STEAM_x:y:z format and vice versa

npm install steamidconvert
var steam = require('steamidconvert')()

Convert SteamID into SteamID64

steam.convertTo64('STEAM_0:0:6114800') //76561197972495328

Convert SteamID64 into SteamID

steam.convertToText('76561197972495328') //STEAM_0:0:6114800

Convert Vanity into SteamID64

This is for converting custom URLs to SteamID64

var steam = require('steamidconvert')(/*your steam api key*/)
steam.convertVanity('panvertigo', function(err, res) {
  if (err) console.log(err)
  else console.log(res) //76561198000670105

Convert old SteamID to new SteamID format

steam.convertToNewFormat('STEAM_0:0:6114800') //[U:1:12229600]