Installation issue - cygiconv-2.dll error #143

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I am getting this error after inflating files.

I am running Windows 8.1 (x64). It's working fine on my Windows 7 laptop.

Any ideas?

Much appreciated
Thanks in advance.


Okay.. somehow I came past the extraction..
I tried first to alter the install.bat script by removing the unpacking section.. it then started doing the symlinks on the files (while a couple of them failed.. like nano).

after that I decided to remove everything again, and do a clean start.. reversed the install.bat script back to standard.. restarted the computer from scratch, and tried again..

This time the second part after inflation also worked like before..
However there's a new error after symlinks, and it's the launching babun.



I know it does not help you much but it's a known cygwin problem:

It may be BLODA (antivirus, etc...):

Try the fixes they propose in google (rebaseall, etc.)


Thanks.. I'll give it a shot..

On a side note.. after restarting my computer and trying to launch babun again, nothing is working at all..


i've done the rebaseall thing in "safe mode" and i dont get the same error anymore..
Now i get errors when using zsh.. (so, when babun is starting up and when i change from bash to zsh)

It just types out a long script, which ends in 7-8 lines of this

compdef: unknown command or service: git

Using git commands does work however, so I am unsure how to proceed.
Oh, also, using tab to autocomplete doesn't work either

I'll play around some more though.


I got it working (so far at least)

With a combination of uninstalling some programs, killing services, disabling anti-virus, and reinstalling babun, it seems to be working for now.

Thanks for your help so far, and keep up the good work!


Perfect. Thanks!
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Quick question: I'm going through a similar problem, and I can't deactivate my antivirus (company PC).
Is there a way I can tell babun to load bash instead of zsh before it starts?
Maybe editing .babunrc?

xjlin0 commented Jan 26, 2015

How about using Console2 to start Bash in Babun?


I've reinstalled the cygwin inside babun - lookup in update.bat

before that update and other bat's gave me an errors

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