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I'm not sure which proxy is used where I work but it seems to be a corporate windows proxy, which is autoconfigured. I managed to find out the configuration (host and port) but couldn't make it work in babun...

after numerous tries, including giving my username and password in the proxy url (with several different syntaxes, with or without domain name, etc...), I was stuck. I noticed in the logs that the proxy still asked me for authentication when testing with a random pact install tar, so basic authentication is probably not compatible with this proxy :(


Did you try to set the proxy in .babunrc as described?
pact uses wget so basically you have to make this tool work with your proxy...


workaround found : corporate proxy probably uses a windows-based authentication. use an intermediate proxy like the one at (issue created for reference)

Zhinjio commented May 14, 2014

For me, getting this to work required setting up a .wgetrc with the proxy_user and proxy_password variables defined. After that, worked like a champ. pact worked as well.


tried with a .wgetrc with no luck, still need for locally installed intermediate proxy...
closing the issue as the intermediate proxy should be a pragmatic enough solution compared to make babun work with NTLMv2 authentication :(

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hippias commented Jan 29, 2015

I finally got it working with the following .wgetrc file in the home directory:

I could not explain why using the standard way of configuring proxy in babun did not work out.


Thanks @hippias for the workaround with .wgetrc 😸

gravaton commented Nov 5, 2015

I had an issue with my corporate proxy as well, it was related to the aliasing of "curl" and "wget" to force them to override the user agent. Seeing what looks like a modern browser, my proxy attempts to do pass-through Windows authentication and then fails. I am unaware of situations/environments in which overriding this user agent is desirable (although they might be out there!) but perhaps making it more clear/visible that it's going on and providing an easy method to disable it would be preferable?

b-luu commented Apr 7, 2016

Had similar problem and solved just putting ask_password=on in my .wgetrc and entering my password when prompted during pact install and co.

hairlessbear commented Aug 1, 2016 edited

Modifying the USER_AGENT environment variable worked for me. babun uses one that is flagged as unsafe (i.e. out-of-date) by my proxy (which is fair since it's the agent string for IE 9). Modifying it to be any other string (as long as it's not another out-of-date user agent) or just commenting the line out in .babunrc fixes the error EDIT: it actually has to be set, although as previously mentioned, it can be anything other than known unsafe agents.

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