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[> Milkymist Demo Compo

The demoparty MAIN#4 ( will take place from October 
2 to 4 in Arles (France) with a lot of famous teams from the demoscene. The 
theme of this demoparty is the lightness of code.

The idea here is to present a compo based on the Milkymist hardware platform 
within a month. It may be a 2D/3D compo (or 2D only) and must be less than 10min 

If you have ideas and/or want to be part of this, there is a small wiki page 
at Feel 
free to subscribe and edit this page (or the discussion tab).

Milkymist is an opensource VJing system-on-chip for FPGA boards,
compatible with MilkDrop presets.

For the latest releases, binary distributions and more:

[> Subdirectories
 /src/       Source of the demo. Finished code goes here.
 /attic/     File sharing between contributors.