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Welcome to the repository of Babykarte

Run Babykarte locally

In order to run a local copy of this branch perform these steps:

  • Clone this branch locally
  • cd into the new repository
  • Run python3 -m http.server 8080

Easy, isn't it? That's all! Just open http://localhost:8080/ in your browser and have fun :) For the Babykarte to work you need an active internet connection.

Just close the terminal or press Ctrl+Alt+C in the terminal to end the server. NOTE: All devices in your intranet can access your local copy of Babykarte. This enables you to use your local copy of Babykarte also on your mobile device.

Like to contribute

You're a (hobby) designer, (hobby) developer, (hobby) translator or something else and want to contribute to Babykarte. Great idea and thank you in advantage! There are various ways of doing it. It is enough to open an issue but you can also do it yourself by following the contribution guide. The guide makes the process of reviewing, discussing and validating easier for us and speeds it up so your contributions hopefully show up in a short period of time.