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TheAdamBorek [CNSMR-3180] Proposal: Decouple snapshot tests from unit tests (#292)
* Adds a proposal

* Couple of changes in motivation

* Remove whitespaces

* Make it clear that 14min is only execution time

* Improves explanation why TestPlans won't solve the issue

* Apply suggestions from code review

Co-Authored-By: Anil Puttabuddhi <>
Co-Authored-By: Ilya Puchka <>

* Improve reasoning on testplans even more
Latest commit 874b612 Dec 13, 2019

iOS Playbook 📚

At Babylon, we firmly believe that transparency is a core value that should be present in everything we do. This playbook embodies that value by giving an overview of how we work:

  1. Who's in the team 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦
  2. OSS-maintained projects 🚀
  3. The Cookbook 👩‍🍳
  4. Interview process 📝
  5. Code of conduct ❤️
  6. Code review etiquette

1. Who are we?

We're organised in Squads. Each squad can be composed of people from Engineering (iOS, Android, Web, Backend), Design and Product.

Some of the roles are transverse to all the squads:

Chapter Leads Ana Catarina Figueiredo@AnnKatF@AnnKatFig
David Rodrigues@dmcrodrigues@dmcrodrigues
Squad Tech Leads Michael Brown@mluisbrown@mluisbrown

The rest of the iOS Engineers work in the following squads:

Appointment booking.
Witold Skibniewski@mr-v
Consultation experience related features including, but not limited to - audio/video call and replay quality, consultation feedback, pre-consultation preparation and reminders for consultation
Adrian Śliwa@adiki@adiki91
Chitra Kotwani@chitrakotwani@chitrakotwani
Onboarding and Navigation
General user experience in the app.
Emese Toth@emeseuk
Sergey Shulga@sergdort@SergDort
Yuri Karabatov@karabatov@karabatov
Native Apps Platform
Engineering work like tooling, CI and development processes.
David Rodrigues@dmcrodrigues@dmcrodrigues
Ilya Puchka@ilyapuchka@ilyapuchka
Yasuhiro Inami@inamiy@inamiy
Martin Nygren@zzcgumn
Olivier Halligon@AliSoftware@aligatr
GP @ Hand Registrations
End to end journey for NHS registration.
James Birtwell@jimmybee
Overview of your health using a 3D body model (avatar).
Ben Henshall@Ben-Henshall@ben_henshall
Julien Ducret@brocoo
Authentication and Authorization related work
Giorgos Tsiapaliokas@gtsiap
Michael Brown@mluisbrown@mluisbrown
Vojtech Vrbka@vojtechvrbka@vojtechvrbka
Help members manage and sustain a healthy lifestyle.
Anders Ha@andersio@_andersha
Daniel Haight@Daniel1of1
Daniel Spindelbauer@sdaniel55@sdaniel55
Diego Petrucci@diegopetrucci@diegopetrucci
Joshua Simmons@j531
Prescriptions functionality.
Adam Borek@TheAdamBorek@TheAdamBorek
Konrad Muchowicz@konrad-em
Davide De Franceschi@defrenz@defrenz
Updating and maintaining the Telus app.
Simon Cass@scass91@codercass
Develop and maintain the SDK frameworks.
Viorel Mihalache@viorel15@viorelMO
Tenancy & Features
To integrate the new feature configurator.
Anil Puttabuddhi@anilputtabuddhi
Test Kits
Managing everything related to Babylon do-at-home tests.
Michał Kwiecień@MichalTKwiecien@kwiecien_co
Chatbot functionality.
Danilo Aliberti@daniloaliberti
João Pereira@NSMyself@NSMyself
US Professional Services
Features for app in the US.
Chesley Stephens@cstephens-babylon
Patrick Westmeyer@bh-pwestmeyer
Sam Francis@SamFrancis-Babylon
Tyler Hargett@thargett-babylon

2. OSS-maintained projects

Project name Owner(s) Stars
Bento Anders, David, Sergey GitHub stars
DrawerKit Inami, Ben GitHub stars
ReactiveFeedback Anders, Sergey GitHub stars
Wall-E David GitHub stars
Stevenson Ilya, Olivier GitHub stars
Style guide Diego WIP
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