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Shipcat logo

CircleCI Docker Repository on Quay

A standardisation tool and security layer on top of kubernetes to config manage microservices. Developers write manifests:

name: webapp
image: clux/webapp-rs
version: 0.2.0
    cpu: 100m
    memory: 100Mi
    cpu: 300m
    memory: 300Mi
replicaCount: 2
  uri: /health
httpPort: 8000
- minikube
  team: Doves

and shipcat creates a 2 replica kubernetes deployment for this sample webapp, with a health check to ensure smooth upgrades. Contacts will be slack notified on upgrades.

Secrets are managed by Vault and resolved by shipcat pre-merge, and pre-upgrade.


Browse the API documentation, or the setup guides available at:


Shipcat is made up of three main components:

  • shipcat_definitions - allowed syntax in our kube clusters - manifest.yml + shipcat.conf
  • shipcat - the pipeline cli and validator useable by developers and CI
  • raftcat - an kubernetes api/watcher that reads the shipcatmanifests custom resource


While shipcat mainly deals with kubernetes, there are extensive and optional integrations with:

and some minor convenience integrations from common technologies like: Grafana, CircleCI,,, Sentry, New Relic

CLI installation

  • Mac/Linux users can install from the releases page
  • Users with rust installed can use git pull && cargo build
  • Babylon employees can brew install shipcat or brew update && brew upgrade shipcat via the internal brew tap

See the building guide, for setting up auto-complete, and being able to use from outside a manifests repo.

CLI Usage

Define your manifest.yml file in a manifests repo, make sure shipcat validate passes.

You either need to have a ~/.kube/config whose current-context is set to the shipcat region you wish to validate, or pass the shipcat region in explicitly with -r region.

If you have vault read credentials (a VAULT_TOKEN evar, or a ~/.vault-token file) you can validate secret existence and generate the completed manifest (values):

shipcat validate webapp --secrets

# Generate completed manifest (what's passed to your chart)
shipcat values webapp -s

If you have helm installed you can generate the helm template via the associated helm chart:

# Pass completed manifest to helm template
shipcat template webapp


Apache 2.0 licensed. See LICENSE for details.

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