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A neuron for Kalliope to integrate with google calendar
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Google_agenda neuron for Kalliope


Get your next meetings from your google agenda


kalliope install --git-url


parameter required default choices comment
credentials_file yes The json file downloaded on google calendar API, see the "Step 1: Turn on the Google Calendar API" of this page:
client_secret_file yes The file where the oauth credentials will be written
application_name yes The name of your app as setup in google calendar api manager
max_results yes integer The number of event you want to retrieve
locale yes Your locale (eg: fr_FR.UTF-8). needs to be an installed locale on your system!
file_template yes Template file to use

Return Values

Name Description Type sample
count The number of event retrieved string 3 (could be less than max_results if not enough event has been found)
events A list of events. list Each event has the following information: event['summary'], event['time']['weekday'], event['time']['day'], event['time']['month'], event['time']['hour'], event['time']['minute']

Synapses example

  - name: "Google-agenda-next"
      - order: "quels sont mes prochains rendez-vous"
      - google_calendar:
          credentials_file: "/path/to/credentials.json"
          client_secret_file: "/path/to/client_secret.json"
          scopes: ""
          application_name: "App name"
          max_results: 3
          locale: fr_FR.UTF-8 # needs to be an installed locale
          no_meeting_msg: "You have no coming meetings"
          file_template: "templates/fr_google_calendar.j2"

Sample can be found in the sample folder.

Templates example

{% if count > 0 %}
    Your next meetings are
    {% for event in events %}
        on {{ event['time']['weekday'] }}, {{ event['time']['day'] }}, {{ event['time']['month'] }}, à {{ event['time']['hour'] }} hour, {{ event['time']['minute'] }} :
        {{ event['summary'] }}
    {% endfor %}
{% else %}
    You don't have any meeting coming up
{% endif %}

Sample can be found in the sample folder.

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