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A simple neuron for Kalliope to list all available orders
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Get the list of available orders


kalliope install --git-url


parameter required default choices comment
ignore_machine_name no 1 if you wish to ignore machine name orders If 1, orders written with "-" instead of space will be ignored: (eg: Default-response)
query_replace_text no A String The replacement text for the arguments in order (eg: {{ query }} or {{ location }}
order_per_synapse_limit no An int The number of order per synapse. Default all. (will take them in order in synapse)

Return Values

Name Description Type sample
nb_orders The number of orders matching string 1, 2 , 10, …
orders A list of orders lift of string [lance Steam, lance Cody, mais nous de la musique, musique rock]

Synapses example

This synapse will list all orders except the machine named ones and will replace variable arguments (like {{ query }}) by "and the arguments"

  - name: "All-orders"
      - order: "what can I ask"
      - list_available_orders:
          query_replace_text: "and the argument"
          ignore_machine_name: 1
          order_per_synapse_limit: 1
          file_template: "templates/en_all_available_orders.j2"

Templates example

This template will simply make Kalliope speak out loud the number of orders and then all of them If no order are found, a simple "order not found" sentence will be said by Kalliope.

{% if nb_orders > 0 %}
    You have {{ nb_orders }} available orders:
    {% for order in orders %}
        {{ order }}
    {% endfor %}
{% else %}
    No order found.
{% endif %}
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