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Ask kalliopé what time is it anywhere in the world
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A neuron to ask time in a specific country


This neuron will retrieve a local timezone and a requested city timezone. It compares timezone difference (including summer time) between the two location to give you the time there based on your timezone.


  • I am in Paris (GMT +1)
  • I want to know Boston time (GMT -5 - and as of now - summer time (so 1 additional hour))

When it's 10pm in Paris, Kalliope will tell me it is 5pm in Boston (because as of now, boston is in summer time and paris not yet, so -5 and not -6)

It uses GoogleMaps API to get geolocation data based on a city name or address. So you need to activate to Google API:

To make it works, you will need to get an API key on your developer console. Or follow documentation here and here


kalliope install --git-url


parameter required default choices comment
gmaps_api_key yes string The api key to use googlemaps API. See above.
local yes string Your city/address to compare time difference with
city yes string What city/address where you want to know time

Return Values

Name Description Type sample
status Response status String OK or KO
city A dict¹ (see below) dict [arg: 'new york city', 'timezoneid': 'America/New_York', 'timezonename': 'Eastern Daylight Time', time: {'hour': '10', 'minute': '30'}]
local A dict¹ (see below) dict [arg: 'Paris France', 'timezoneid': 'Europe/Paris', 'timezonename': 'Central European Standard Time', time: {'hour': '10', 'minute': '30'}]

¹: these dict contains:

  • arg: The given name in arguments (equals 'local' argument for local return variable or 'city' arguments for city return variable)
  • timezoneid: The ID of the timezone, eg: Europe/Paris
  • timezonename: The name of the timezone eg: Central European Standard Time
  • time, a dict containing 'hour' and 'minutes'

Synapses example


Get a city by argument in order

  - name: "Wwtime-city"
      - order: "Give me the time in {{city}}"
      - wwtime:
          gmaps_api_key: "GMAPS_API_KEY"
          local: "Paris France"
          city: "{{city}}"
          file_template: "templates/fr_wwtime.j2"

Get a city by argument set in brain:

  - name: "Wwtime-city-boton"
      - order: "time in boston"
      - wwtime:
          gmaps_api_key: "GMAPS_API_KEY"
          city: "boston MA"
          local: "Paris France"
          file_template: "templates/fr_wwtime.j2"


{% if status == "OK" %}
    Sir, in {{city.arg}}, it is {{city.time.hour}} hour and {{city.time.minute}} minutes, whereas here, it's {{local.time.hour}} hour and {{local.time.minute}} minutes
    Le timezone est {{city.timezonename}}
{% else %}
    Sorry sir, but I don't know
{% endif %}

see more example in the sample directory

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