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A Python package for analyzing sensory electrophysiology data

Benjamin Naecker, Niru Maheswaranthan

Brief description

The pyret package provides a set of tools for analyzing electrophysiology data, especially data recorded from sensory systems driven by an external stimulus. It was originally written and is mainly used for the analysis of multi-electrode array (MEA) recordings from the retina in the Baccus lab at Stanford University. It contains routines for manipulating spike trains, performing basic spike-triggered analyses, and visualization tools.


For more info and documentation, see the pyret documentation.


Pull requests are welcome! We follow the Numpy/Scipy documentation standards, and Sphinx for generating documentation.


Testing is done via py.test. Once installed (e.g. with pip install pytest) then simply run make test at the top level directory to run the tests. Test functions are located in the tests/ folder.