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* glcd_Config.h - User specific configuration for Arduino GLCD library
#ifndef glcd_CONFIG_H
#define glcd_CONFIG_H
* Standard Configurations.
* If your board is not listed here, see the Manual Pin Configuration section below.
#include "config/pcd8544_OverLoad.h"
* Manual Pin Configuration
* In order to remain compatible with the GLCD API, pin assignment can be specified
* here. Alternatively, include a standard configuration from the config/ directory.
//#define GLCD_CS ? // May be left undefined if CS is not used
//#define GLCD_RST ?
//#define GLCD_DC ?
//#define GLCD_SDIN ?
//#define GLCD_SCLK ?
/*========================== Optional User Defines ==================================*/
//#define GLCD_NO_SCROLLDOWN // disable reverse scrolling (saves ~600 bytes of code)
// This will allow those tight on FLASH space to save a bit of code space