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#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <xscript/component.h>
#include <xscript/control_extension.h>
#include <xscript/xml_helpers.h>
namespace xscript {
class Context;
class TaggedBlock;
class Tag;
class DocCacheStrategy;
class Block;
class Extension;
class Xml;
* Cache result of block invokations using sequence of different strategies.
class DocCache : public Component<DocCache> {
virtual ~DocCache();
time_t minimalCacheTime() const;
bool loadDoc(const Context *ctx, const TaggedBlock *block, Tag &tag, XmlDocHelper &doc);
bool saveDoc(const Context *ctx, const TaggedBlock *block, const Tag& tag, const XmlDocHelper &doc);
void init(const Config *config);
void addStrategy(DocCacheStrategy* strategy, const std::string& name);
* Create block to output statistic in xscript page.
std::auto_ptr<Block> createBlock(const ControlExtension *ext, Xml *owner, xmlNodePtr node);
* Create aggregate report. Caller must free result.
XmlDocHelper createReport() const;
// Used for init added strategies
const Config *config_;
// Name of strategies in order of invokation
std::vector<std::string> strategiesOrder_;
// Sorted list of strategies
std::vector<DocCacheStrategy*> strategies_;
} // namespace xscript
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