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#include <string>
#include <ostream>
#include <boost/cstdint.hpp> // for boost::int32_t
#include <xscript/range.h>
* Various string and url related utilities.
namespace xscript {
class Encoder;
namespace StringUtils {
const std::string EMPTY_STRING;
typedef std::pair<std::string, std::string> NamedValue;
void report(const char *what, int error, std::ostream &stream);
std::string urlencode(const Range &val);
template<typename Cont> static std::string urlencode(const Cont &cont) {
return urlencode(createRange(cont));
std::string urldecode(const Range &val);
template<typename Cont> static std::string urldecode(const Cont &cont) {
return urldecode(createRange(cont));
void parse(const Range &range, std::vector<NamedValue> &v, Encoder *encoder = NULL);
template<typename Cont> static void parse(const Cont &cont, std::vector<NamedValue> &v, Encoder *encoder = NULL) {
parse(createRange(cont), v, encoder);
std::string tolower(const std::string& str);
std::string toupper(const std::string& str);
const char* nextUTF8(const char* data);
* Parse domain part from url.
* \param url - url to parse. Copy-on-pass.
* \param level - [optional] cut to this level. If level == 0 returns full domain.
* \return domain part of url.
std::string parseDomainFromURL(std::string url, boost::int32_t level = 0);
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