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#include <map>
#include <utility>
#include <xscript/component.h>
#include <xscript/validator.h>
namespace xscript
* Factory for creating Validators for Params.
* Mail validation things:
* 1. We validate each Param independently.
* 2. In case of validation failure we emit &lt;xscript_invoke_failed
* validate="failed" reason="Invalid something"/&gt; node. # FIXME We don't
* actually ATM.
* 3. Specification of validator for param looks like
&lt;param ... validator="type" ... validate-error-guard="guard_name"&gt;.
validate-error-guard - optional State guard which set in case of validation failure.
* 4. All validators registered in this factory.
* 5. We can add Validators in run-time for additional checks.
class ValidatorFactory : public Component<ValidatorFactory> {
virtual ~ValidatorFactory();
friend class Component<ValidatorFactory>;
* Create (optional) validator for <param>.
* \param node <param> xmlNode
* \return Validator for param. NULL if validator wasn't requested.
std::auto_ptr<Validator> createValidator(xmlNodePtr node) const;
* Registring validator creator.
* \param type Type of validator
* \param ctor Validator constructor.
* \return void. Throw std::runtime_error in case of type duplicate.
void registerConstructor(
const std::string &type,
const ValidatorConstructor &ctor);
/// Map for storing Validator creators.
typedef std::map<std::string, ValidatorConstructor> ValidatorMap;
ValidatorMap validator_creators_;
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