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#include <pcre.h>
#include "xscript/validator.h"
#include "xscript/validator_exception.h"
namespace xscript
* Regex validator. Validate param using regexes.
* Example of usage:
* param type="QueryArg" id="foo" validator="regex" pattern="^\S+$" options="i"
* Params:
* pattern - mandatory regex pattern
* options - optional options. Such as "i" for case-insensetive match.
class RegexValidator : public Validator {
RegexValidator(xmlNodePtr node);
/// Static constructor
static Validator* create(xmlNodePtr node);
// Real check re. For unit-tests simplification
bool checkString(const std::string &value) const;
virtual void checkImpl(const Context *ctx, const Param &value) const;
/// Compiled RE
pcre* re_;
/// Extra flags for pcre
pcre_extra re_extra_;
/// PCRE options. At least UTF8 will be set.
int pcre_options_;
} // namespace xscript