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Quorum Examples

This repository contains setup examples for Quorum.

Current BACEN example is:

  • 5nodesRTGS: Starts up a set of 5 nodes that simulates a Real-time Gross Setlement environment with 3 banks, one regulator (typically a central bank) and an observer that cannot access the private data.

The easiest way to get started with running the examples is to use a clean Ubuntu 16.04 environment (see README at 5nodesRTGS directory).

Important note: Any account/encryption keys contained in this repository are for demonstration and testing purposes only. Before running a real environment, you should generate new ones using Geth's account tool and constellation-enclave-keygen.


git clone https://github.com/bacen/quorum-examples
cd quorum-examples
cd examples
cd 5nodesRTGS
# (run as root, should take some user confirmations, requires internet connection)