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Quick install

First you should install all required dependencies, check this in Requirements file Then you need configure it, for this create configuration file in gpackages/main/ dir , for example you could see gpackages/main/ file. After creating configuration you need create tables in your database, for this execute these commands:

$ cd gpackages
$ ./ syncdb
$ ./ migrate

Then maybe you want collect first packages data, for this you need execute that command:

$ ./ scanpackages -a

This will collect info about all packages in all overlays. If you want check what overlays available, then type this command:

$ ./ listrepos

After first scanning you should also add info about use flags and licenses text You could do this with such commands:

$ ./ scanusedesc
$ ./ scanlicensetext

Now you could run demo web-server:

$ ./ runserver

For deployment check django deployment docs.


Check docs dir