Mongolian Keyboard Layout on Windows for German Keyboard
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Mongolian custom Keyboard Layout on Windows for German Keyboard

This is the custom keyboard Layout of me for Mongolian Language

Tested on Windows 7, 10 Versions, but use it without any warranty, 🤣😂! If you have any questions, write me a message! I will see what i can do to fix this!


List of Contents

Where to download

Normal Look 1. Click on the over here on release

Normal Look 2. Now you can download the zippped version of mongolian custom keyboard layout.

  • After the download finished just extract it and follow the instructions below.

How to install

Normal Look 1. Start Installer with setup.exe . Sometimes you will become such message, where you must click on "More Info" to start ...

Normal Look 2. Now we become a button "Run anyway" then click on that ...

Normal Look 3. After you accepted with administrator permission the installer shows that it successful installed message ...

  • Maybe it is better if you reboot your computer or notebook. That would help windows to check that there what new installed and show in system status bar. Like on the picture below.

Normal Look 4. Reboot and check that it worked!

Which key where setted can you see on pictures below

  • Normally to switch between or in language list which you already installed use the key combination "Shift + Alt" on the left side of your keyboard.
  • Remember in every application where you want use a different language you should switch the language every time.
  • Maybe you should print the picture with the keyboard layout to check which keys where to find. Because the old or the standard layout of microsoft made just very poor. Maybe it was a person who never learned a foreign language and studied nothing. Yes, it is Microsoft!

Normal Look 1. Normal Look

With Shift key 2. With Caps Lock

With Shift key 3. With Shift key

With Alt Gr 4. With Alt Gr

With Schift + Alt Gr 5. With Schift + Alt Gr

How to remove or repair

  • To remove the installation use the installer again. Just start setup.exe again and then you will see a windows on picture below Normal Look 1. To remove or repair the installation

Normal Look 2. Removed successful

Normal Look 3. Or you can just cancel it


  • If there is issues for my installation or somebody have idea how to improve the usage of mongolian language keyboard layout then welcome.


  • i think now we have this final relaese which i present you
  • used many different ways to use my own custom layout
  • the first version made about 18 years ago. i used at these time an russian language dll changer
  • i found original mongolian layout of microsoft very poor. it is just nothing with linguistic or language to do

Made with ❤ by Bachka