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Mar 22, 2014

Automatic backup your file to Google Drive

Althought I could make the backup file on server but I don't trust it, sometime server could be crashed or hard disk get problem.

So this tool help you auto backup your file to google drive by using Google Drive API and this's good service to make sure my file is safe, I think.

it's use if you want make sure your data is backuped daily such as sql data, database, upload folder ,etc.

Web guide link


if you want backup a folder, you must compress it first, also, you can compress file to faster backup time.


  1. Install goolge api package for python

     easy_install --upgrade google-api-python-client


     pip install --upgrade google-api-python-client
  2. you create your google drive api first at Link.

  3. After google drive project is created, You go to API & Auth tab and click on Credentials. From here, click on button with label Create new Client ID and select service account and click on Create Client ID button , after created service account, you download the private key to somewhere such as I put at path "configs/74214843aee8aba9f11b7825e0a22ef1f06533b7-privatekey.p12" and copy service account id such as ""

  4. You come back to your google drive and create share folder( you create an empty folder and right click on the folder and share to user ) and copy the folder id ( You can look at the url after visit folder and the id is there ) and in my case the backup folder url is so that the id is 0B0XTTQmH9aXreFdxS0txVU5Xb1U

  5. Create config file( such as config_file.json ) and input into this file with json format such as

    	"description" : "Description for backup file",
    	"max_file_in_folder": 5

You can see "max_file_in_folder" that is the number max file on backup folder, so if I backup new file to that folder and that's sixth file. so the oldest file will be removed, this solution to prevent google drive is out of capacity.


python path/configs/config_file.json /path/backup_file.tar.gz

Automatic backup

To automatic backup, you can put this script in crontab and decide the schedule for it. Below is example

00 01 * * * python /my/backup/repository/path/ path/your/your_config.json /path/your/backup/file >>/var/log/drive.log

Above example to set crontab run daily on 1am:00 to backup file with path = /path/your/backup/file by using config = path/your/your_config.json, you can see the result at file /var/log/drive.log

Example backup mysql database

Below is script to backup mysql database to google drive by using this tool, You can look at

#Sql file name with year-month-date-hour-minute
NAME=`date +%Y%m%d-%H%M`


echo "Dumping DB name=$DBNAME"
#Create backup folder if folder is not existing
mkdir -p $BACKUP_DIR
#Dump sql file to $SQLFILE
mysqldump -u $DBUSER -p $DBNAME --password=$DBPASSWORD --skip-lock-tables --force >$SQLFILE
#Zip sql file
tar -zcvf $ZNAME $SQLFILE
#Remove sql file
rm -f $SQLFILE
#Cd to backup code folder
echo "UPloading to google drive"
#UPload backup file to google drive
python configs/ $FILE_PATH
#Remove backup file since file is uploaded to google drive
rm -f $FILE_PATH
echo "Done"

Setup cronjob for backup mysql script

Below is my example

00 05 * * * bash /my/backup/repository/



python configfile_path restore_path
  • The configfile__path is same when you backup.
  • restore_path is the folder is used to store file is downloaded from google drive.


python configs/ /var/www


This tool help backup your file to google drive by using Google API



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