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Aaron's Smart Home

The Home Screen

This repository contains (almost) everything needed to run my smart home. I make the details freely available in the hope that other home automation enthusiasts might find value.

I use an Intel NUC i5 with the following apps running as Docker containers:

  • ecowitt2mqtt: sends local weather station data to Home Assistant
  • ESPHome: custom firmware generator for ESP8266/ESP32 microcontrollers
  • Fail2Ban: an adaptive log monitor that can firewall bad IP addresses
  • Home Assistant: the primary home automation software
  • metrics2mqtt: sends host data (memory, CPU, disk usage, etc.) to an MQTT broker
  • OpenZWave: sends data from Z-Wave devices to an MQTT broker
  • Portainer: a GUI to manage my Docker containers when I'm sick of the CLI 😂
  • Traefik: a fast, secure web server behind which the other services live
  • VerneMQ: an MQTT broker for fast, friendly service communication
  • zigbee2mqtt: sends data from Zigbee devices to an MQTT broker

The Details

I do a poor job keeping my wiki up to date, so if you want to know something, submit an issue!


(Almost) everything needed to run my smart home with Home Assistant and more!




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