⭐ (Almost) everything needed to run my smart home with Home Assistant, AppDaemon, and more!
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Aaron's Smart Home ⭐

The Home Screen

This repository contains (almost) everything needed to run my smart home. I make the details freely available in the hope that other home automation enthusiasts might find value.

I use an Intel NUC i5 with the following apps running as Docker containers:

  • Home Assistant: the primary home automation software
  • Amazon Dash: a service allowing Amazon Dash buttons to interact with the system
  • AppDaemon: Home Assistant-friendly automation in pure Python
  • Glances: system monitoring and stats
  • Grafana: data visualization and analytics
  • ha-dockermon: RESTful services to interact with Docker containers
  • iBeacon: a container that allows my hub to act as an iBeacon for presence detection
  • Mosquitto: an MQTT broker for fast, friendly service communication
  • NGINX: a fast, secure web server behind which the other services live

The Details

I keep all the nitty gritty details in the wiki.