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Open Source Web based SMS Management
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Kalkun - Open Source Web-based SMS Management

Kalkun is open source web-based SMS (Short Message Service) management, it use gammu-smsd (part of gammu family) as SMS gateway engine to deliver and retrieve messages from your phone/modem.

Homepage : - Documentation :


You need to install and configure this first:

  • apache 2.x.x
  • PHP 5.x.x (with mysql/pgsql/pdo_sqlite, session, hash, json, mbstring extension)
  • MySQL 5.x.x or PostgreSQL or SQLite3
or you can just install xampp (
  • gammu-smsd, make sure it is already running and configured


  1. Extract to web root folder (eq: /var/www/html => Ubuntu)
  2. Create database named kalkun (you can do it with mysql console or phpMyAdmin)
  • using mysql console
     # mysql > CREATE DATABASE kalkun;
     # mysql > quit
  • using phpMyAdmin
  1. Edit database config (application/config/database.php) Change database value to 'kalkun', username and password is depend on your mysql configuration

  2. Import gammu database schema (it's included on gammu source, eg. gammu/docs/sql/mysql.sql)

  • using mysql console
    # mysql kalkun - u username -p < gammu/docs/sql/mysql.sql
  • using phpMyAdmin
  1. Configure daemon (to manage inbox and autoreply)
  • Set path on gammu-smsd configuration at runonreceive directive, e.g:
      runonreceive = /opt/lampp/htdocs/kalkun/scripts/
    or, if you using Windows:
      runonreceive = C:\xampp\htdocs\kalkun\scripts\daemon.bat
  • set correct path (php-cli path and daemon.php path) on or daemon.bat
  • make sure that the daemon script is executable
  • Change URI path in daemon.php, default is (http://localhost/kalkun)

There are 2 way to install:

  1. Graphic Install Launch http://your-location/kalkun/index.php/install, and follow instruction there, or
  2. Manual Install (import sql file media/db/mysql_kalkun.sql to kalkun database)
  • using mysql console
# mysql kalkun - u username -p < media/db/mysql_kalkun.sql
  • using phpMyAdmin


  • After install finished, you need to remove install folder.
  • To improve security, it's higly recommended to change "encryption_key" on application/config/config.php

Open up your browser and go to http://your-location/kalkun Default account : username = kalkun, password = kalkun (you can change it after you login)


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