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Tinkerbell is a general purpose library for haXe with two core missions:

  • greatly facilitate macro programming*
  • leverage the macro system to provide robust, type safe and cross-platform solutions to common problems

* If you are having trouble getting started with macro programming at all, this tutorial by Simon is exactly what you're looking for.

Personal Note

Many great things are named after someone great. I name this library after my own personal Tinkerbell, in the hope that it will become just as great one day.

This library is for all those haXe programmers who share the belief, that programming should always feel a bit like wielding arcane magic. Maybe a little pixie dust can help with that.

Structure and features

Tinkerbell is comprised of several parts, each with a specific scope and separately available on haxelib.

Currently these include:

This list is sorted by dependency, i.e. there is dependency among these parts, but an item never depends on the items listed below it.