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Tinkerbell is a general purpose library for haXe.

This is a very early version, with only a small part of the planned features released. Feedback is hugely appreciated.

Personal Note

Many great things are named after someone great. I name this library after my own personal Tinkerbell, in the hope that it will become just as great one day.

This library is for all those haXe programmers who share the belief, that programming should always feel a bit like wielding arcane magic. Maybe a little pixie dust can help with that.

Main features

Here's a list of all released and planned features (the ones without link or explanation):

  1. Macro tools
  2. Class declaration tools
  3. Debugging tools
  4. Runtime property reflection
    Using tink.reflect.Property you can use reflection for fields with accessors across platforms. This is implemented by storing information about the field accessors right into the respective field's meta-data. The solution slightly outperforms the Reflect.setProperty/ Reflect.getProperty provided by the std library for js and neko. Also, the metadata is only generated if you use the tink.reflect.Property class.
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