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Instagram Clone in SwiftUI

Apple has just released its new programming language called SwiftUI and keeping the commitment to deliver high compatibility, high manutenability and easier development, we created this Template so you can learn how to use the new language along with GraphQL to achieve your goals.

This application mimics the basic operations of Instagram, while using Parse resources to make everything easier.

Learn it from scratch!

We also created a series of Blog Posts to help you learn how to develop this template yourself. Those posts go in detail on how to crate the UI structures, call GraphQL quries and Mutations and bind everything together.

Here are the chapters:

We also have Full Documentation in our Docs section.

Download the XCode Template

The full code in SwiftUI is available in our Github Repository so you can download and use for free.

Start without effort

Do you want a quick start? Clone this App from our Hub and start using it without any hassles!