An example Angular 2 app using Backand Vanilla SDK
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Angular 2.x, 4.x + Backand JavaScript SDK

An example of Angular project with Backand Inetgartion and workflow based on angular-cli


  1. Install latest nodeJs

  2. Install angular CLI. angular-cli.

npm install -g angular-cli

Getting started

  1. Clone
  2. Go to project folder and install dependencies:
npm install
  1. Update Backand configurations in app.component.ts
     appName: 'your app name', 
     signUpToken: 'your signup token', 
     anonymousToken: 'your anonymous token', 
     runSocket: true //optional [true|false]
  1. Launch development server, and open localhost:4200 in your browser:
ng serve

Project structure

dist/                        compiled version
e2e/                         end-to-end tests
src/                         project source code
|- app/                      app components
|  |- crud/                  crud component (CRUD operation on your model in Backand.Get items, Post items, Filter items )
|  |- files/                 files component (Upload files to Backand storage)
|  |- login/                 login component (Sign in to Backand using username and password, or with anonymous token.)
|  |- signup/                signup component (Sign up to Backand , Sign up using Facebook/Twitter/Google/GitHub)
|  |- app.component.*        app root component (shell) - Update Backand configuration(appName, signUpToken, anonymousToken, runSocket)
|  |- app.module.ts          app root module definition
|  |- app-routing.module.ts  app routes
|  +- ...                    additional modules and components
|- assets/                   app assets (images, fonts, sounds...)
|- environments/             values for various build environments
|- index.html                html entry point
|- styles.css                global style entry point
|- main.ts                   app entry point
|- polyfills.ts              polyfills needed by Angular
+- test.ts                   unit tests entry point

Generate new component using angular-cli.

ng generate component my-new-component