Backand SDK for Angular
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###NOTE - This SDK is deprecated, please use our new SDK at

Backand SDK for Angular

Install: npm install bower install

Build: grunt

Register on bower (only once at first time - done):
bower register angularbknd-sdk

To upgrade version:

  1. Update the code of backand.js
  2. Update the bower.json version
  • Check dependencies versions, if need to be upgraded
  • minor releases for bug fixes
  • major releases for changes in the API signature
  1. Update the package.json version
  2. Run grunt to build the min files
  3. Update Changelog with the new release changes
  4. Commit your changes git commit -am "Made some awesome new changes, now its even awesome"
  5. Tag the commit git tag -a 1.6.1 -m "Release version 1.6.1"
  6. Push to GitHub git push origin master --tags. To delete existing tag git tag -d 1.6.1 and clear bower cache.
  7. Create new folder in S3 bucket with the name of the version and upload the 2 files
  8. Update documentation to point to the new release