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Using Backand REST API With PHP

Using Backand REST API is a two step process:

  1. Obtain the authorization token
  2. Make GET/POST calls

In the sample PHP application, api_calls.php, we use curl.

Obtaining the Authorization Token

To get the token, use your username, password and app name. Make a POST call to the TOKEN_URL. The response is a JSON object with fields access_token and token_type.

Making API GET/POST Calls

API calls use the REST_URL.

In both types of calls you need to set the Authorization and AppName headers as in the sample.

For GET calls by adding a query string to the url.

For POST calls send body parameters as JSON (using json_encode).

Running the Sample

The sample obtains the authorization token, and then makes one GET call and one POST call.

You can run the sample from the command line using:

php api_calls.php

Using Httpful

The file httpful.php, gives Httpful example calls, that follow the pattern of the curl calls.

To use it, install Httpful using Composer. We have included a composer.json file, so you have execute from the command line in the project folder,

php composer.phar install

Then include bootstrap.php as can be seen in the file.

You can run the sample from the command line using:

php httpful.php