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React Native + Backand JavaScript SDK

An example of React Native project with Backand Inetgartion and workflow based on react-native-cli


  1. Install latest nodeJs

  2. Install React Native CLI(This is global Dependency). react-native-cli

npm install -g react-native-cli

Note : If you get an error like Cannot find module 'npmlog', try installing npm directly: curl -0 -L | sudo sh.

Read more react-native-cli

Getting started

  1. Clone Project
 $ git clone
 $ cd react-native-example
  1. Go to project folder and install dependencies:
npm install
  1. Set up your emulator ios: (install xcode)
    android: (install Android Studio and run avd)

  2. Launch app

$ react-native run-ios
$ react-native run-android 

Error and Solutions -

  1. Unrecognized font family "FontAwesome"
    npm install react-native-vector-icons --save
    react-native link react-native-vector-icons
  • ENJOY! 😄