Backand SDK for JavaScript. This SDK enables you to communicate comfortably and quickly with your Backand app
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Backand SDK for JavaScript. This SDK enables you to communicate comfortably and quickly with your Backand app. It requires zero configurations, no installations and no requirements.


  • NPM:
$ npm i -S vanillabknd-sdk
import backand from 'vanillabknd-sdk'
  • CDN:
<script src=""></script>
  • Download/Clone this repo and include backand.min.js in your project
<script src="backand.min.js"></script>

Browser Support

Chrome Firefox Safari Opera Edge IE
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Quick start

  appName: 'APP_NAME',
  signUpToken: 'SIGNUP_TOKEN',
  anonymousToken: 'ANONYMOUS_TOKEN'

  .then(() => {
      return backand.service.getList('USERS');
  .then((response) => {


backand namespace window.backand

The entry point to the sdk functions.


Creates a new backand instance.



  • appName - Sets the name of your backand app (String) required
  • anonymousToken - Sets the anonymous token of your backand app (String) required
  • signUpToken - Sets the signup token of your backand app (String) required
  • apiUrl - Sets the API url of backand servers (String) (Default: '') optional
  • storagePrefix - Sets prefix to use at the storage (String) (Default: 'BACKAND_') optional
  • storageType - Sets the storage type to use (local/session) (String) (Default: 'local') optional
  • manageRefreshToken - Determines whether the sdk should manage refresh tokens internally (Boolean) (Default: true) optional
  • runSigninAfterSignup - Determines whether the sdk should run signin after signup automatically (Boolean) (Default: true) optional
  • runSocket - Determines whether the sdk should run socket automatically (socketio-client required) (Boolean) (Default: false) optional
  • socketUrl - Sets the socket url of backand servers (String) (Default: '') optional
  • isMobile - Determines whether the sdk run on mobile platform (Boolean) (Default: false) optional


Name Description
service entry point to the sdk service functions
constants entry point to the sdk constants (EVENTS, URLS, SOCIALS)
helpers entry point to the sdk helpers (filter, sort, exclude)
socket (runSocket: true) entry point to the sdk socket functions (on)

Methods backand.service:

Name Syntax
useAnonymousAuth (scb) backand.service.useAnonymousAuth(data=>{})
signin (username, password, scb, ecb) backand.service.signin(username, password, data=>{}, error=>{})
signup (email, password, confirmPassword, firstName, lastName, parameters, scb, ecb) backand.service.signin(email, password, confirmPassword, firstName, lastName, parameters, data=>{}, error=>{})
socialSignin (provider, scb, ecb, spec) backand.service.socialSignin(backand.constants.SOCIAL_PROVIDERS[provider].name, data=>{}, error=>{}, - spec)
socialSignup (provider, email, scb, ecb, spec) backand.service.socialSignup(backand.constants.SOCIAL_PROVIDERS[provider].name, email, data=>{}, error=>{}, - spec)
requestResetPassword (username, scb, ecb) backand.service.requestResetPassword(username, data=>{}, error=>{})
resetPassword (newPassword, resetToken, scb, ecb) backand.service.resetPassword(newPassword, resetToken, data=>{}, error=>{})
changePassword (oldPassword, newPassword, scb, ecb) backand.service.changePassword(oldPassword, newPassword, data=>{}, error=>{})
signout (scb) backand.service.signout(data=>{})
getUserDetails(scb, ecb) backand.service.getUserDetails(data=>{}, error=>{})
Name Syntax
getList (object, params, scb, ecb) backand.service.getList(object, params, data=>{}, error=>{})
create (object, data, params, scb, ecb) backand.service.create(object, data, params, data=>{}, error=>{})
getOne (object, id, params, scb, ecb) backand.service.getOne(object, id, params, data=>{}, error=>{})
update (object, id, data, params, scb, ecb) backand.service.update(object, id, data, params, data=>{}, error=>{})
remove (object, id, scb, ecb) backand.service.remove(object, id, data=>{}, error=>{})
Name Syntax
uploadFile (object, fileAction, filename, filedata, scb, ecb) backand.service.uploadFile(object, fileAction, filename, filedata, data=>{}, error=>{})
deleteFile (object, fileAction, filename, scb, ecb) backand.service.getList(object, fileAction, filename, data=>{}, error=>{})

Methods backand.helpers:

Name Syntax
filter: create (fieldName, operator, value) backand.helpers.filter.create(fieldName, backand.helpers.filter.operators, value);
sort: create (fieldName, order) backand.helpers.sort.create(fieldName, backand.helpers.sort.orders)

Methods backand.socket:

Name Syntax
on(eventName, cb) backand.socket.on(eventName, data=>{})


  • scb == Success Callback, ecb == Error Callback
  • All Methods return Promise -> .then() .catch() are available


Name Description Syntax
SIGNIN dispatched on signin window.addEventListener(backand.constants.EVENTS.SIGNIN, (e)=>{}, false);
SIGNOUT dispatched on signout window.addEventListener(backand.constants.EVENTS.SIGNOUT, (e)=>{}, false);
SIGNUP dispatched on signup window.addEventListener(backand.constants.EVENTS.SIGNUP, (e)=>{}, false);


To view the demo web page, just run npm start - example page.