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If info() is private and should not be used outside. Here are my questions on how to implement specific pagination features i am looking for:

  1. I want to show\hide "Prev" and "Next" buttons based on their availability. I see that info() method is exposing these 2 properties which are useful for me to achieve this without writing my custom code.
hasNext hasPrevious

How can i access these without using info() method?

  1. These 2 methods hasNext and hasPrevious are declared as Boolean (true/false) type (also name suggests that) but once executed they will contain value of "previous page number" and "next page number". We should fix it to contain just true\false (or) rename to contain actual page number.

  2. How do i get hold of pageSet available in info() method?

*** I started working on my imaginary (similar to how i implemented in my last client project) winecellar-pagination project (still very dirty but will be fixing in next days\weeks) using "backbone.paginator". This time trying to implement the way @addyosmani envisioned (based on my involvement in last 6-8 months with this project). This project will help me re-produce any of the open issues and also work\verify fixes.

drewww commented Jul 18, 2013

I'm curious about this too. In the example HTML for managing the paging, pageSet is used but based on some of the discussions I've seen in the issues around info(), it seems like it's not supposed to be used at all. At the very least, the example code should probably not be referring to it.

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