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[Request] Overriding the backbone collection.url instead of adding the url to the paginator_core #157

dlimbu opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I am using backbone paginator and i am liking it very much so far. Its cool that we are encapsulating the url inside the paginator_core. But when i have a widget that takes paginator or regular non paginated backbone collection so that i can use the widget with or without paginator. Now i have to have a conditional check at what kind of collection it is to set the correct url property or create separate class just to solve the url difference. I thought IMHO it would really be cool if the library could override the collection.url.

i would really appreciate if i could get some explanation on the design decision behind adding the url inside the paginator_core.


Hi, could you please write a test case or jsfiddle describing the problem a little closer?


Thanks for taking a look at it. I will put an example closer to the problem when i get a chance.


ping @dlimbu in case you have time to put together a sample.


Closing as we haven't been able to get a test case back.

@addyosmani addyosmani closed this
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