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I was just playing around with our clientPager example again and thought that it might be useful for us to also demonstrate there how bookmarking might work with the paginator. e.g you've navigated to page 5 of a particular set of results from a fixed feed, you want to be able to share it.

We could show how to have routing working with the paginator etc.

Thoughts @alexandernst?


@addyosmani Yeah, that would be nice (in fact, I just came across this issue yesterday while doing another project).
But that's really not library's job, but the router/view's.
Let's finish both PR that exist right now and then I'll do it
(I also have another big patch, a plugin... you'll see :P)

This is exactly the first was on my mind when I tried clientPager demo - paging should be bookmarkable by default.


@alexeych I know this is a must-have feature, but this really isn't easy to implement. Even further, I'm out of ideas how to implement it.

Let me explain why:

Backbone.Paginator doesn't have any control over the url fragment after the # in the url (and it shouldn't have it as it could break something).
How could we make a bookmark?


alexeych commented Feb 3, 2013

Yep, paginator's fragment identifier could interfere with app routers, but when url fragments aren't used in the app, there could be some custom bookmarkable solution in paginator, but disabled by default.


Yes, that could work, but as you said, disabled by default as the main purpose of doing client-side MVC apps with Backbone/Backbone.Paginator is not having to refresh the page (read as in using hashbang for the controller).

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