Sort doesn't work out of the box with dates #83

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setSort method for clientPager doesn't work for date object right now, as it invokes .toString() method for converting the object for comparison, as implemented in the code:

_sort: function ( models, sort, direction ) {
            models = models.sort(function (a, b) {
                var ac = a.get(sort),
                    bc = b.get(sort);

                if ( !ac || !bc ) {
                    return 0;
                } else {
                    /* Make sure that both ac and bc are lowercase strings.
                    * .toString() first so we don't have to worry if ac or bc
                    * have other String-only methods.
                    ac = ac.toString().toLowerCase();
                    bc = bc.toString().toLowerCase();

I know I can implement toString() method for dates, but I think it is dangerous to override an existing method of a native object and force us to use string for comparison.

It could be better to have it support all native js objects out of the box and in case the data being compared is a "object" also standardize a method such as .compareValue() so that developers could easily extend their custom objects and support sorting. If you think it is relevant, I will create a pull request for that.



I think that would be very nice!

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@alexandernst I agree regarding overriding existing methods of native objects. Maybe we should consider supporting all natives out of the box as suggested?

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@addyosmani Indeed, while I was writing that I didn't think about dates. @alanrubin Patches are welcome, or you can wait me to write them (but I'll be a little bit busy for a few weeks)

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