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Easy XML sitemap

Provides XML sitemap conforming to Google's recommendations and protocol. Google's recommendations protocol

New in version 1.0.12 - integration with "SEO Meta Tags" module - exclude from sitemap any page have "noindex" in meta-tag "robots".


XML sitemap file is available at http(s)://your.domain/sitemap.xml and include URLs generated for:

  • pages created by nodes;
  • non-empty taxonomy terms pages;
  • publicly available pages by "Views" module.

If some node is set as site's front page, direct URL to this node will be automatically excluded from sitemap to avoid content duplication.

You may exclude from sitemap:

  • specific URLs, for example 403/404 error pages;
  • all content which presented on any of available languages.

Each time sitemap re-built, backup copy of previous file state is saved as public://easy_xmlsitemap/sitemap.xml.bak

Less important and optional URLs attributes "priority" and "lastmod" are omitted.

You can want add at end of your file robots.txt line:

Sitemap: http(s)://your.domain/sitemap.xml


If you have file "sitemap.xml" in website root directory, please remove or rename this file before you start module installation.

Install this module using the official Backdrop CMS instructions at

Configuration and usage

Administration page is available via Administration > Configuration > Search and metadata > Easy XML Sitemap (admin/config/metadata/easy_xmlsitemap) and may be useful for:

  • anytime (re)build XML sitemap by using button "BUILD SITEMAP NOW";
  • view information when last time sitemap was generated.

Under "Advanced settings" fieldset:

  • set forced "https" protocol for URLs in sitemap;
  • set (if you need) different default base URL used for sitemap links;
  • select sitemap rebuild frequency: manually, daily (default) or any cron run;
  • add exclusions for URLs you won't include in sitemap;
  • add exclusions for content of languages you won't include in sitemap. Note: if you have module "SEO Meta Tags" installed, you can exclude from sitemap also all pages with "noindex" in meta-tag "robots".


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.

Current Maintainer

Vladimir (

More information

For bug reports, feature or support requests, please use the module issue queue at


Easy XML sitemap module for Backdrop CMS




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