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This makes some of the Matomo Analytics reports available in your site.
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Matomo Reports

This module adds a Matomo Reports section and imports key traffic information from your Matomo server.

Project homepage:

For information about Matomo, see For Matomo's FAQ, see


  • Install this module using the official Backdrop CMS instructions at

  • Visit the configuration page at Administration > Configuration > System > Matomo Reports (admin/config/system/matomo_reports) and enter the required information. (If you have the Matomo Analytics module installed, it is at Administration > Configuration > System > Matomo (admin/config/system/matomo).)

  • Add your Matomo reports token_auth either globally (at admin/config/system/matomo) or individually (in each user profile)

  • Enjoy ;)


Reports This modules provides some of the Matomo reports directly in your Drupal site. Just follow the installation instructions and go to /admin/reports/matomo_reports.

Multisite Matomo reports will show statistics of every site the token_auth has view permissions on the Matomo server. Administrators can limit access to only to some of the allowed sites.

Block A Matomo page report block is available for in-page statistics.

Matomo Analytics Matomo Analytics ( is not a dependency, but a Matomo server is required to track your site.


Bugs and feature requests should be reported in the issue queue:

Current Maintainers


  • Ported to Backdrop CMS by Jason Flatt
  • Originally written for Drupal by xlyz
  • Currently maintained for Drupal by shelane
  • Drupal work sponsored by Relinc


This project is GPL v2 software. See the LICENSE.txt file in this directory for complete text.

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