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Filter based on markdown parser with extra add-on
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Parsedown filter

Provides basic and optionaly extra markdown filter integration for Backdrop input formats. Filter based on markdown parser with Markdown Extra support.

Important note about running Markdown with other input filters

Parsedown filter may conflict with other input filters, depending on the order in which filters are configured to apply. If using Parsedown Filter produces unexpected markup when configured with other filters, experimenting with the order of those filters will likely resolve the issue.

The "Limit allowed HTML tags" filter is a special case:

For best security, ensure that it is run after the Markdown Extra filter and that only markup you would like to allow in via HTML and/or Markdown Extra is configured to be allowed via the it.

If you on the other hand want to make sure that all converted Markdown text is preserved, run it after the Markdown Extra filter. Note that blockquoting with Parsedown Filter doesn't work when run after "Limit allowed HTML tags". It converts the ">".


##Current Maintainer



The Backdrop module code is GPL v2 software, but the Parsedown library is distributed under separate licence MIT. See more details on library page (

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