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Backdrop Contributed Project Group Application

Apply to join the growing Backdrop contributor community.

If you have started writing or porting a project for Backdrop, please post the module, theme, or layout under your own GitHub account, and provide a link in your application. You will be able to easily transfer the entire repository to the backdrop-contrib GitHub group after you are a member.

You can learn more about the application process on

New Project Checklist

All projects must meet these minimum requirements.

  • If porting a Drupal project, Maintain the Git history from Drupal 7. See this article.
  • Include a file that includes license and maintainer information. You can use this example.
  • Include a LICENSE.txt file that indicates the contributed code is GPL-2.0 (or in rare cases GPL-3.0 -- please see below). Please use this text for GPL-2.0.
    • If your project includes a library that is licensed under GPL-3.0, LGPL-3.0, Apache-2.0, AGPL-3, or any other license that the Free Software Foundation has determined to only be compatible with GPL-3.0, then you must license your project as GPL-3.0. Please use this text for GPL-3.0.
    • The GPL-3.0 license will prevent your project from one day being included in Backdrop core, so please only use this license when necessary.

Backdrop Contributed Project Agreement

By joining the Backdrop Contributed Project Group (Backdrop Contrib, for short) you agree to the following:

  1. You will not push changes, merge PRs, or create releases for a repository for which you are not a current maintainer (unless you are a member of the Backdrop Bug Squad).

  2. You must agree to license your code contributions as GPL-2.0 or GPL-3.0.

  3. Any project you create or maintain must include a copy of the GPL-2.0 or GPL-3.0 LICENSE.txt file in the root of your repository. The GPL license applies to all code that directly interacts with parts of Backdrop licensed as GPL-2.0 or GPL-3.0. See the Backdrop License FAQ for a more detailed explanation.

  4. You must confirm that you have the right to distribute any additional code, libraries, images, fonts or other assets written or created by any third party with code licensed as GPL-2.0 or GPL-3.0.

  5. Any project you create or maintain must include a file containing at the least the following:

    1. A description of the project
    2. Basic documentation or installation instructions.
    3. License information for the project (GPL-2.0 or GPL-3.0)
    4. License information for any additional assets (SIL OFL fonts, CC-SA images, etc)
    5. A list of the current maintainers for the Backdrop project
    6. Credits acknowledging past maintainers, creators, and others worthy.

    You may use this example to get started.

  6. Any project you create or maintain will have the GitHub issue tracker enabled for official communication.

  7. You will work with the Backdrop Security Team to address any vulnerabilities in any project you create or maintain, if necessary.

    • If you are not available the day a security release is needed (usually a Wednesday), you understand that the Backdrop Security Team may create a security release on your behalf.
  8. You will work with the Backdrop Community to review issues in the queue and submitted Pull Requests.

    • If your project has Pull Requests for issues that are tagged "Bug" that have been marked "Reviewed and Tested By the Community" for a period of 2 weeks or more, a member of the Backdrop Bug Squad may merge the pull request on your behalf.
    • If the bug is severe enough the Backdrop Bug Squad may also create a new release for your project.
  9. If any of the above requirements are not met, your access to the Backdrop Contrib group -- including all projects and even those that you may have originally authored -- may be revoked.

  10. If your project becomes Abandoned and you do not respond to an issue to grant a new maintainer within 2 weeks, your project may be modified by a Backdrop Contrib Administrator without your explicit consent, to add a new maintainer.

Additional Notes For Non-coders

  1. If an applicant is not (yet) a coder but would still like access to the contrib group (for example, for updating documentation or managing issue queues) the applicant must get at least one recommendation from another person who already has commit access to the contrib group.

  2. Any non-coder applicant still agrees to the same contributed project author agreement as coders (above).

  3. Any non-coder applicant needs to additionally promise that should they ever wish to author new code in the Backdrop contrib group, they will also undergo the same code spot-check process a new contributor needs to undergo at the time they add the code.


You must tag releases in the format of "1.x-a.b.c" for the packaging script to work. You will see right away if there was an error during the packaging process, as a notice will appear on the release page.

When successful, your project will appear almost immediately on the modules page, themes page or layouts page on

Security Releases

You will need to work with the Backdrop Security Team in order to make a security release for your project. Please contact to begin this process.

You and the security team will choose a Wednesday to coordinate the release, and on that day, when you publish the release on GitHub, someone from the Backdrop Security Team will need to update the project release node on to indicate that a release is a security release.

The Backdrop Security Team

The Backdrop Security Team is authorized to make limited commits to all projects. The team consists only of trusted members of the backdrop-contrib group with security experience.

This team will work together with Backdrop maintainers to resolve potential security issues. In the event that a maintainer can't be reached, or if an issue is deemed sufficiently critical, the security team is authorized to commit direclty to any project, and issue a new security release.

You may apply to become a member of the Backdrop Security Team by createing an issue in the contrib queue. GitHub members can view a list of people on the Security team.

The Backdrop Bug Squad

The Backdrop Bug Squad is authorized to make limited commits to all projects. The team consists only of trusted members of the backdrop-contrib group.

This team is intended to help contributors stay on top of minor bug fixes and User Interface improvements by merging issues that have been "Reviewed and tested by the comminuty" for a period of at least two weeks.

You may apply to become a member of the Backdrop Bug Squad by creating an issue in the contrib queue. GitHub members can view a list of people on the Bug Squad.


Apply to join the contributed code developer team.




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