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Backdrop Contributed Project Group Application

Interested in joining the growing Backdrop contributor community at

To apply simply create a request as an issue at

Please note: It is completely optional to post your modules, themes, or layouts in the Backdrop contrib group.

If you have started writing or porting a project for Backdrop, please include a link to the module, theme, or layout you have written. If you have posted the code under your own GitHub account you will be able to easily transfer the entire repository to live under[your_project_name] after joining the Backdrop Contributed Project Group.

Benefits of joining:

  • Benefit from official security procedures for keeping your code healthy.
  • Version information packaged into GitHub download automatically.
  • Co-maintain your project with other Backdrop contrib developers.
  • Share the responsibilities of managing all the issue queues.
  • Collaborate with the larger Backdrop community.

Requirements to join:

  • You must agree to the Backdrop Contributed Project Agreement, below.
  • You must submit your first Backdrop project for a quick spot-check / review.
  • If you are not submitting code for review at the time of application (for the purposes of managing issues) you must have at least one recommendation from a person who is already a member of the Backdrop contrib group.

Rejected applications:

  • No rejected application to the Backdrop contrib group is final.
  • In the rare case that your application is rejected, you are welcome to reapply after a waiting period of 1 month.
  • After 1 month has passed, please open a new issue in the queue and try again.
  • Please carefully review the reason for rejection so that history does not repeat itself.

New project checklist

All projects must meet these minimum requirements.

  • Include a LICENSE.txt file that indicates the code is GPL v2. You can use this copy.
  • Include a file that includes license and maintainer information. You can use this example.
  • Maintain the Git history from Drupal 7. See this article.

Backdrop Contributed Project Agreement

By joining the Backdrop Contributed Project Group (Backdrop Contrib, for short) you agree to the following:

  1. You will not push changes to a repository for which you are not a current maintainer (even though joining the Backdrop Contrib group will grant you access to push to any project within).

  2. You must agree to license your code contributions as GPLv2 or later.

  3. Any project you create or maintain must include a copy of the GPL v2 LICENSE.txt file in the root of your repository. The GPLv2 license applies to all code that directly interacts with parts of Backdrop licensed as GPLv2 or later. See for the Backdrop License FAQ for a more detailed explanation.

  4. You must confirm that you have the right to distribute any additional code, libraries, images, fonts or other assets written or created by any third party with code licensed as GPLv2 or later.

  5. Any project you create or maintain must include a file containing at the least the following:

    1. A description of the project
    2. Basic documentation
    3. License information for the project (GPL v2)
    4. License information for any additional assets (SIL OFL fonts, CC-SA images, etc)
    5. A list of the current maintainers for the Backdrop project
    6. Credits acknowledging past maintainers for the Backdrop or Drupal projects

    You may use this example to get started.

  6. You will work with the Backdrop Security Team to address any vulnerabilities in any project you create or maintain, if necessary.

  7. Any project you create or maintain will have the GitHub issue tracker enabled for official communication.

  8. If any of the above requirements are not met, your access to the Backdrop Contrib group -- including all projects and even those that you may have originally authored -- may be revoked.

  9. If your project becomes abandoned and you do not respond to an issue to grant a new maintainer within 2 weeks, your project may be modified by a Backdrop Contrib Administrator to add a new maintainer, without your explicit consent.

Additional notes for non-coders

  1. If an applicant is not (yet) a coder but would still like access to the contrib group (for example, for updating documentation or managing issue queues) the applicant must get at least one recommendation from another person who already has commit access to the contrib group.

  2. Any non-coder applicant still agrees to the same contributed project author agreement as coders (above).

  3. Any non-coder applicant needs to additionally promise that should they ever wish to author new code in the Backdrop contrib group, they will also undergo the same code spot-check process a new contributor needs to undergo at the time they add the code.

Abandoned Projects

You may apply to adopt an abandoned project. The procedure is as follows:

  1. If you haven't already, please join the Backdrop Contrib group by submitting an application (see above).

  2. File an issue with the current project requesting to help maintain the project.

    • If written permission is granted by a current maintainer, create a PR that adds your name to the file in the list of maintainers.
    • If a current maintainer does not respond within 2 weeks create an issue in this repository to take over the project. Please include a link to the issue you filed with the abandoned project.
  3. After confirming the project has been abandoned, a Backdrop Contrib administrator will add your name to the list of maintainers in that project's file.

  4. You may now maintain the project directly as though given permission by the project maintainers, and likewise now grant permission to others to maintain the project.