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Issue tracker for Backdrop core.
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Open Source Helpers

Backdrop Issue Tracker

Welcome to the Backdrop Issue Tracker.

This repository contains no code. It exists specifically for reporting and working on issues for Backdrop CMS. Please use this tracker for:

  • filing bug reports
  • requesting new features

Please search the existing issues before filing new ones.

Security issues

If you have discovered a security issue with Backdrop CMS, please contact the Backdrop Security Team directly at We manage security issues separately in a private repository until the issue has been resolved. Even if you're not sure if it's a security problem, please contact the security team before filing an issue.

Other related repositories

Backdrop CMS is a large project with several other repositories on GitHub. If your question or issue is about any of our websites, services, or contributed modules, please see these other repositories:

If you encounter a security issue with any of these projects, please contact

Online Chat and Support

Backdrop has an official public Gitter channel that pairs nicely with the GitHub issue queue. Have questions or just want to say hello? Please join us!


Backdrop also has a forum where you can post questions, find similar questions asked by others, and help those with less experience by providing answers of your own. Come join the community!

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