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The first minor release version of Backdrop CMS!

After the first 4 months of Backdrop 1.0.0, we're happy to release our first minor release on schedule according to the Backdrop CMS Roadmap.

This release of Backdrop CMS includes the following new features:

  • More tokens and a token UI in core! This includes all tokens from Drupal 7's contributed Token module, including tokens for fields, menus, content types, and much more!
  • Automated URL alias creation for Users, Taxonomy Terms, and Nodes! That right, it's Pathauto in Backdrop core!
  • A fresh new look to the administration theme! The administrative experience is redefined with more readable text, flatter design, new color palette, and finger-friendly interface.

To upgrade to Backdrop 1.1.0, just follow the minor upgrade instructions at https://backdropcms.org/upgrade. This update does require running update.php after upgrading the core code. This update will automatically disable Pathauto and Token modules if you have installed them in 1.0.0. You may remove these modules from your installation after upgrading to 1.1.0. All the settings from both contributed modules will continue to work with 1.1.0.