@jenlampton jenlampton released this May 15, 2018 · 89 commits to 1.x since this release

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After another 4 months of new feature development, we're pleased to release Backdrop 1.10.0! This version of Backdrop adds exciting new functionality to Backdrop CMS, including:

  • Scheduled publishing: Content can now be scheduled, and will be automatically published in the future.
  • Comment auto-closing: Comments can now be configured to close automatically after a period of time. Useful if discussion on content usually only happens for a few weeks after the initial publishing, then closes afterwards to limit spam.
  • Inline file uploading: In addition to inline image uploading that was already supported, editors may now upload files of configured types directly into the rich text editor and create a link to them.
  • Translatable menu items: Menus may now be translated into multiple languages. This functionality is built into Menu module directly, and becomes available if Locale module enabled.
  • Translatable blocks: Blocks also now have native translation capabilities. This functionality is built into Block module directly, and becomes available if Locale module is enabled.

Version 1.10.0 also includes a number of other minor improvements, and it combines all previous updates. See the complete list below. You may upgrade to 1.10.0 from any previous version of Backdrop.

It will be necessary to run the update script (located at /update.php) for this release.

Updates have been made to the .htaccess file located outside the /core directory, but replacing your copy is not necessary. We've added an example on how to redirect traffic from http to https, as follows:

# To redirect all users to access the site using a SSL/https certificate,
# uncomment the following:
# RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
# RewriteRule ^ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

No other files outside the /core directory have been modified in this release.

Changes since 1.9.6

  • Issue #3100: Allow page to build without menu langcode.
  • Issue #3113: Add interval to scheduled content message.
  • Issue #3083: Auto-prefix link URLs with http if needed.
  • Issue #3085: Link external URLs incorrectly have base path removed.
  • Issue #3101: Add file types and max file size to inline file upload description.
  • Issue #3102: Improve UI for comment closer override.
  • Issue #3073: Decouple Node from Date module.
  • Issue #2493: Upgrade jQuery UI to 1.12.1.
  • Issue #2926: Hide comments section when no comments.
  • Issue #3058: Added token support to 'maintenance mode message' field.
  • Issue #3079: Hide task list from update.php when anonymous.
  • Issue #2694: Add easy-to-enable HTTPS redirect rules in .htaccess.
  • Issue #3076: Ensure the node type status is correct.
  • Issue #2475: Allow override display renderer.
  • Issue #3052: Draggable contact categories.
  • Issue #857: Add scheduled publication of nodes.
  • Issue #225: Make menu items translatable.
  • Issue #2956: Add translation capabilities to custom blocks.
  • Issue #2072: Extend link dialog to include a file upload option.
  • Issue #2722: Add description field to custom blocks.
  • Issue #3001: Option to automatically close comments.
  • Issue #2987: Check for valid file admin config before attempting to update it.
  • Issue #2973: Module page search should work on category names.
  • Issue #3040: Show a theme screenshot in the installer
  • Issue #3032: Use new JS APIs for detecting timezone more accurately.
  • Issue #496: Create database during installation if possible.
  • Issue #3045: Update install.sh for password field changes.
  • Issue #297: Separate password confirm from strength indicator. Add show/hide password.

Backdrop 1.10.0 also includes all fixes that were in the 1.9.6 release, which was released in tandem. If upgrading from 1.9.5, the following additional fixes have been made:

Changes since 1.9.5

  • Issue #2507: Fix database prefix in UI installer.
  • Issue #3090: Removing missing source map line.
  • Issue #2085: Tableselect.js affects checkboxes that should not be selected.
  • Issue #3066: Brighter colours for enabled/disabled module requirements.
  • Issue #2542: Merging custom colors into the default color array, so that when you add a new color to the theme, it will show up in the UI.
  • Issue #3004: When a context is not provided by the menu router, add one from provided layout info.
  • Issue #3071: Add vertical space below fieldset description.
  • Issue #3080: Avoid random failures in PHP 5.3.
  • Issue #2948: Add support for PHP 7.2.
  • Issue #3068: Make comment setting description text more friendly.
  • Issue #3064: Add a button-danger class to the Clear log messages button for dblog.