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Backdrop CMS Release 1.11.0! The Backdrop community is proud to release the latest version, following our 4-month release cycle. This version of Backdrop includes lots of great new features including:

  • Editorial Image Browser: Inserting an image into the rich text editor now provides options for reusing existing images, with a fully customizeable image browser.
  • Content Preview: A completely new preview system now lets you see your changes on new and existing content before you save it. This full-page preview is shown in-place with the surrounding page and and theme, and even lets you preview different display modes (e.g. full, teaser) so you can check how your content will appear everywhere on your site.
  • Improved Color Customization for Themes: A new UI for color picking let's you adjust the colors of the included themes. The default theme "Basis" has also received color customization support, so you can colorize both Basis and Bartik themes now.
  • Hidden Paths for Content: Content can now have its public path hidden from visitors, but still displayed elsewhere. This is useful for content that only is displayed as embeds, such as slideshows or heroes. This moves some functionality of the "Rabbit Hole" module into core.
  • Numerous Contact Improvements: The site-wide and personal contact forms receive substantial improvements, including options for rate-limiting, UX improvements, and additional customization.
  • Client-side Upload Progress Bars: Improvements to modern browsers has enabled the ability to create upload progress bars without the use of any PHP extensions. Backdrop now supports these new standards and progress bars are supported by all modern browsers (Firefox, Chrome, and Edge).
  • Preliminary Auto-Update Support: As part of our effort to create a secure and low-maintenance platform, Backdrop core now has the ability to update itself through the user interface. This feature cannot yet be enabled by end-users. Subsequent releases this feature will be made available, as well as offering the ability to update automatically (see #3105 and #2018 for more information).

It will be necessary to run the update script (located at /update.php) for this release.

This release modifies files outside the core directory. Installation profiles included with core have been moved from the root profiles directory to core/profiles. Upgrading sites should remove the root profiles directory if no customized profiles have been created.

Full Changelog

  • #3192: Better labels and help text for the Contact module settings form.
  • #3286: Add primary tabs as color option in Basis.
  • #3275: Update redirect on node preview submit.
  • #804: move hook_admin_bar_cache_info() into base modules.
  • #3277: Moved the status message styles to the bottom of skin.css and added 'Color Module: Don't Touch' to a comment above them.
  • #3281: Remove the admin bar fro mthe color preview.
  • #3155: Add 'info' type for backdrop_set_message().
  • #3134: Add image browser in the WYSIWYG 'Insert Image' dialog.
  • #3200: Allows limiting of a single image dimension.
  • #3182: Split path.path.inc file into their respective modules.
  • #3062: Bring back node preview.
  • #100: Add ability to hide full content path from users.
  • #3105: Add core updates via Backdrop UI (disabled by default for now).
  • #3161: Better module uninstallation confirm form.
  • #3190: Allow contact form permissions to be set on the contact settings page.
  • #3215: Contact form categories: Better messages.
  • #2887: Apply EXIF orientation on file upload.
  • #3196: Add note about block hooks moving to Layout module.
  • #2650: Fixed documentation of (changed 'location' to 'path').
  • #3110: Add configuration forms for flood control of users and contact form.
  • #3186: Improve the UI of the color settings page with live preview.
  • #3211: Switch uploading progress to be client-side.
  • #3213: Run phpcs only on the changed files.
  • #3216: Contact form categories: recipients should be rendered as a list.
  • #2872: Entering multiple email addresses in a Contact form category can be confusing.
  • #3028: Add color module support to Basis.
  • #3169: Add DATE_RFC7231 for backwards-compatibility.
  • #2555: Move profiles directory under /core.
  • #792: Changed the Color module to update the css files when configuration is imported, added tests for the new functionality, and made the existing tests comply with coding standards.
  • #2990: Add settings form for contact module.
  • #3153: Removed code related to color altering images from the color module.
  • #3130: Check that a load callback exists before calling.
  • #1951: [UX] field_validate_field() message assumes a field is being created.
  • #2681: Show tabs when managing display modes.
  • #3135: Fix version checking for dev releases and in installer.
  • #3150: Reduce messages shown when scheduling content.
  • #3035: Added ability to override Body field being added to new content types.
  • #3104: BackdropWebTestCase::assertOption should work on select fields with optgroups.
  • #3133: Update three database queries for better compatibility.
  • #2295: Clearfix rich text areas in case of floated content.
  • #317: Set fields labels to hidden by default.
  • #2913: Convert unserialized blob fields in Locale to text.
  • #2302: Change the Name lable to Username in the user listing.
  • #984: [UX] Manually installed layout templates should not require a cache clear.
  • #2541: Project Installer: Modules "remembered” even if enabled.
  • #3120: Remove unclear explanation text.
  • #3070: Clarify multilingual options on node form.
  • #3125: Fix Undefined index: description in block info.
  • #3123: Hide the langcode markup if language module is not enabled.

Backdrop 1.11.0 also includes all the fixes that were in the 1.10.2 release, which was released in tandem. See the release notes for 1.10.2 for all the additional fixes included in both versions.