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@jenlampton jenlampton released this Jan 15, 2019 · 51 commits to 1.x since this release

Backdrop CMS version 1.12 is here! The Backdrop community is proud to release this most recent version, following our 4-month release cycle. This version of Backdrop includes lots of great new features including:

  • Backdrop core can now self-update.
  • Views grids now use CSS grids.
  • Better use of iconography throughout core.
  • Translatable taxonomy terms.
  • Tags for modules (in addition to packages).
  • A simpler way to provide options for selects, radios, and checkboxes.
  • A contact form block.
  • New APIs for translating config strings.
  • All the fixes from version 1.11.4 which was also released today.

Notes for updating:

  • If you are using the Options Element module, that module will need to be disabled before upgrading.
  • It will be necessary to run the update script (located at /update.php) for this release.
  • This release does not modify files outside the core directory. Updating customized copies of those files is not necessary.

Changes since 1.11.3

  • Issue #3471: Remove unused CSS and other minor cleanups for dblog.
  • Issue #2923: Add configuration options to the search block.
  • Issue #1841: Add icons to the admin bar.
  • Issue #3361: Make node preview optional. Fix access checking on preview page.
  • Issue #3428: Allow underscores and all valid characters in Views classes.
  • Issue #37: Add module page tags.
  • Issue #3145: Show scheduled status on content admin listing.
  • Issue #2811: Update the views Grid style to use the CSS grid property.
  • Issue #3438: Remove the 24px message icons from the misc directory.
  • Issue #3437: Remove the 16px message icons from the misc directory.
  • Issue #2878: Add Views contextual filter input option from arg().
  • Issue #3271: Follow-up, set in-browser self-updates to FALSE.
  • Issue #704: Add APIs for translating config strings.
  • Issue #3428: Allow underscores and all valid characters in Views classes.
  • Issue #3271: Enable core updates via the UI.
  • Issue #3307: Allow adding classes via the link dialog.
  • Issue #3283: Add Rendered Term field formatter.
  • Issue #3355: Update CKEditor to 4.11.1.
  • Issue #2934: Be able to set language on taxonomy terms.
  • Issue #1005: Replace the classic way of creating select lists/checkboxes/radio buttons with Options Element.
  • Issue #3053: Add a block for the site-wide contact form.
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